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Students in a first-year probability course learn the concept of the moment of a random variable. The moments are related to various aspects of a probability distribution. In this context, the formula for the mean or the first moment of a non-negative continuous random variable is often shown in terms of its c.d.f. (or the survival function). However, higher order moments are also important, for example, to study the variance or the skewness of a distribution. In this note, we consider the \(r\)…


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Probability and Statistics are two areas which seems to rather difficult for the undergraduate. When I was a college student, they are subjects that consume most of my time, making them become my nightmares every night. However, have you ever wondered that why they always go along with each other, at least in undergraduate program? Although at some universities, they might be separated in different faculties, most of economics programs recognize that they package Probability and Statistics into…

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I am Hieu Nguyen Phi, FRM, a Quantitative Risk Analyst from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have a background in International Finance by Foreign Trade University. I have also charterred the FRM certification by [GARP](https://www.garp.org/#!/home) since 2018, after 2 years of experience in Risk management in banking and investing sectors. I also inspired by Mr Sheldon L. Cooper, a fictional character in the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory. He is who he is and doesn't pretend to be someone he isn't. He is so serious about anything he's doing, from academic tasks to real-life businesses. With my inherent laziness, I always look for the best and most efficient (in terms of time and my energy capacity) approach to resolve my practical issues. Currently, I am employed by [Viet Capital Bank](https://www.vietcapitalbank.com.vn) as Risk Analyst and Modeler. My responsibility is to build risk models and to perform required analyses for the bank's Credit Risk Portfolio. For further details about my job, please contact to my personal email **hieunguyenphi94@gmail.com**.